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As with airfare prices vary from hotels to the moment you book, how you want and when you want an overnight stay. With a few tricks you can therefore save a lot of money. In this article I will explain how you can book a cheap hotel.

1. Book at the right time


If you want a hotel can best books depends on whether it is a business or leisure hotel. If the hotel business you can book the best first week to 10 days for your stay. If it is a tourist hotel or resort is the best 2 to 6 months in advance.

Why is this so? Because business travelers tend to book last minute, while tourists much earlier books. Business hotels therefore face lower their prices in advance. Tourist hotels are correct cheaper if you book far in advance. So if you want to book a last-minute hotel, choose a business!

2. Book on the right day


The prices of hotels vary also if you book them on weekends or weekdays. Business hotels are cheapest at the weekend. Budget hotels are just the cheapest on weekdays because these are most popular on weekends, when they are visited by students and city trippers.

3. Compare hotel providers


The prices of hotels can vary quite provider. In addition, hotels themselves also again ask other prizes. In addition, the availability per provider may vary, so the hotel was full resembles one website but it really is not. Always compare prices from various websites if you want to book a cheap hotel. This can be done easily with the hotelvergelijker Paper Flies !

4. Use free cancellation


Unlike plane tickets you can often cancel free hotel stays. If you find a hotel, book it immediately before the room is gone. You can always cancel and book another hotel when you still have not found a better price.

Through Paper Flies can now Compare hundreds of providers. So you can easily find cheap hotels. Also read the blog about the new hotelvergelijker Paper Flies!

Hotel sites: the book you the best price and sale?

A weekend in a nice hotel, in the Netherlands or outside. Delicious! Just ... you're a thief's own wallet if you just walk into a hotel and book a room. Through hotel sites either hotel booking sites, you decades and even hundreds of (and) euro save on your outing. But you have to know what you are doing. Read on for tips, trends and pitfalls that you must avoid.At first but to remove a misunderstanding: already count several hotel booking sites or booking fee, then they are almost always cheaper than booking directly with the hotel itself. While it is true that the hotel sites differ in the booking being charged. The good news is that you get to the large and well-known hotel sites including and rule can book the best deal at the best price. But while it is true that you need to view the best deals at a time to really drag out the best price. In other words, there are some sites that often have the best price and offer, but among the few providers is a time difference to note in the question: who has the best offer right now?

Last minute or early booking discount?

Foreign package (ie, travel plus hotel packages) you can still sometimes cheap tap on the head by scoring a last-minute offer. Then you wait until the last minute, and the cheaper the trip. By hotel sites is different. Last minute bookings can sometimes be beneficial, but book early as well. The best price drag out is a matter of going in time and compare online. A few times you go online and "homework" like in the weeks or months before your way, pays off in hard cash and is fun too.

Apples and pears

When you visit Dutch hotel booking sites, you can almost always assume that you get with it breakfast. There are very few exceptions. However, foreign sites such as may sometimes cause a great deal, but often it does not include breakfast!Hotels booked without breakfast, can often count the 'prize' for breakfast. there so beware. However, because you pay no reservation fees through the international site, wants especially for a single night away still sometimes so that has the best offer.

Beware of hidden more prizes!

Another point of attention: what is included? It is an unpleasant trend of three-, four- and five-star hotels are increasingly sorts of things that should really be included, disconnect the room rate. The first victim of this policy was the sauna; which you pay now often separate, and sometimes at a tenner per hour! That kind touch and it's not really relax. Incidentally, the indoor pool which offer particular four-star hotels, still free. Other things now increasingly be calculated separately, are parking costs. Previously, you paid regularly in the case of city hotels, but not in rural areas. That begins to change, unfortunately. And finally, if it is a relative trifle: hiking and biking in one hotel for free, and not in another. Incidentally, in the writing of this article the origins of Spanish but in the Netherlands well represented chain NH Hoteles an exception; with them is very much just yet included. But in these turbulent economic times put the hotel chains frequently change course in terms of prices and included services or costs. Evil, but also sometimes for good. Was previously sent to my personal experience as much of travelers' so that you always have more value for money was at Golden Tulip than at Bilderberg, both some of the most common brands in our country, yet Bilderberg now beginning more to handle the sheets .

How do I book at the best price?

First of all, if you want a weekend away, it is usually cheaper to two nights or even stay three, then one. This can make quite a difference, if you convert a night. It is even quite common to at major hotel sites including or, get the third night free. You can find such offer two ways: either enter through the search engine that you want to stay three nights, and the so-called 3 = 2 offers appear with luck already on your screen. Either you are looking for on the site to a button with a statement such as '3 = 2', because these offers are now frequently throughout the year.

And the hotel site itself?

And the site of a site then? Yet there are also the best deals on? Answer: Yes, if you want to book a fully dressed to perfection. So including for example chocolate with whipped cream and a walk with the ranger in the winter, or a refreshing welcome cocktail and little surprise in the summer. But, no, and no again if you just want the best value for money. Do not be fooled by the price. Prices are namely packages per person, all its 'bare' Room at the sites of hotels themselves usually per room and not per person. So double that tantalizing bedragje right away! If you then look at what the room would cost you over or, you'll soon notice that this is a very expensive cocktail, walk with ranger or cup chocolate!

Avoid cancellation suffering

There is an important difference in policy when it comes to cancel. While you can cancel via often until leaving about 24 hours for free, that is not the case with and The closer the departure date, the higher the amount you owe in unexpected cancellation. You can then have a cancellation insurance, but that amount is exaggerated when the costs of marketing to your weekend. So if you're pretty sure you'll be able to make the trip, do not hesitate to book through or When in doubt, consider the cancellation then - and note the conditions! - Or choose An important tip yet it is also sometimes possible to move in concert with the hotel or the hotel reservation site, your date at little or no cost. This is often a better option than to cancel. Know before you book what the policy of the hotel that you have in mind, because that policy is decisive.


So, the best advice: book through a hotel booking site, compare well in advance, and you want extras then buy those hot chocolate just as loose in - you really are much, much cheaper. Know what the conditions are, what is inclusive or exclusive, and how it is with unexpected cancellation. And notice always good whether the prices per person or per room; example, it is strangely at so that prices shown are per person, and in the direct 'concullega' per room.

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